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Darien, IL – Two free interactive apps from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) launched today, giving parents new resources to teach their children about the value of sleep using an iPad, Kindle Fire or Android tablet.

Available for download from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon, the apps use interactive storytelling and activities to show animals’ sleep patterns, environment and adaptations – illustrating how sleep is important for all animals, and people too! The apps, which are based on two educational children’s picture books, will help kids understand the need for a soothing sleep environment and the importance of developing healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime.

“It’s important that children develop an understanding of why they have to go to sleep – because it will help them grow and play and feel better during the day – not just because their parents say so,” said Shalini Paruthi, MD, spokesperson for the AASM. “The best method to teach children about a new topic is to start with something that interests them – in this case, we chose animals.”

Both apps – I See the Animals Sleeping and The Animals Sleep – have optional settings for children to read the stories at their own pace or have the stories read to them with audio. The apps also include a coloring book, puzzle and quiz games to make learning fun.

The AASM recommends sharing the apps with children during the daytime for educational enjoyment and interaction. The beautifully illustrated books that inspired the apps are both available in hardcover for use as part of a relaxing bedtime routine.

“Research has shown consistent bedtimes and bedtime routines encourage cognitive development,” said M. Safwan Badr, MD, president of the AASM. “Educating children on necessary sleep health and establishing effective bedtime routines will help foster healthier lifestyles as they grow into adolescents and adults – reducing the epidemic of insufficient sleep in America.”

The AASM reminds parents that sleep problems are common in young children. Night wakings, bedwetting or teeth grinding may occur. Children may talk during sleep, have nightmares or sleepwalk. These problems tend to go away as a child grows and develops.

Parents should pay special attention to any persistent problems such as loud snoring, which is a warning sign for obstructive sleep apnea. If parents have concerns about how their child is sleeping, they should discuss them with their child’s doctor.

Parents may download the apps for Apple, Android and Kindle tablets from the following:

App Store (Apple)
The Animals Sleep: A Bedtime Book of Biomes
I See the Animals Sleeping: A Bedtime Story

Google Play (Android)
The Animals Sleep: A Bedtime Book of Biomes
I See the Animals Sleeping: A Bedtime Story

Amazon (Kindle)
The Animals Sleep: A Bedtime Book of Biomes
I See the Animals Sleeping: A Bedtime Story

For more information, visit the AASM’s children’s app page online. For additional help and sleep resources, parents can contact a local AASM-accredited sleep disorders center by visiting

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