In 2022, sleep professionals around the world took to social media to discuss the latest research, advocate for policy changes, and build community. With a combined following of more than 60,000 accounts, the AASM’s social media posts reach a large global audience. From a viral tweet to what happens to the mind after midnight to a heated debate about daylight saving time, here are the hottest topics from social media this year.

1. A thought-provoking research hypothesis exploring how late-night wakefulness affects the brain, behavior, and decision-making garnered worldwide attention.

2. The Senate’s passage of the Sunshine Protection Act in March sparked a year-long debate about the merits of daylight saving time versus permanent standard time.

3. Understanding the link between disrupted sleep and cancer risk fascinated our online community.

4. Sleep professionals were intrigued by research findings tying obstructive sleep apnea to cognitive decline.

5. After a significant uptick in melatonin use in recent years, the AASM’s health advisory addressing the use of the supplement in children caught the eye of many followers.

6. A research study examining the relationship between obstructive sleep apnea and gastroesophageal reflux disease garnered interest among sleep professionals.

7. As tech giant Apple released new sleep tracking features, our followers turned their attention to advancements in consumer sleep technology.

8. The AASM highlighted CBT-I as the recommended treatment for insomnia when pharmaceutical companies launched high-profile celebrity campaigns to promote medications.

9. An interesting survey highlighted shifting sleep behaviors as many Americans continued to work from home and devote more time to getting shut-eye.

10. With about 85% of Americans consuming caffeine daily, a video exploring how the stimulant affects our bodies caught the eye of many followers.

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