On the eve of another Thanksgiving Day, there is so much for which I can give thanks. I especially enjoy the opportunity to spend the holiday with friends and family.

As a sleep physician, I’m thankful to have one of the greatest jobs in the world. It is my privilege to provide the medical expertise that helps restore healthy sleep for many who have lost hope that they will ever sleep well — or feel good — again. In my sleep medicine practice, I’m thankful to collaborate with so many talented and compassionate health care professionals, from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, who help me provide the best care for my patients.

As president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, I’m also thankful for your support and involvement as a member. Your passion for sleep medicine and your skills, ideas, and experience are vital to our success as a professional society. The AASM needs you.

We also need each other. I’m thankful for those who trained me, gave me advice, and invested in my career when I was new to the sleep field. As you give thanks tomorrow, I encourage you to call, text or email a mentor or colleague who did the same for you.

I am grateful for your contributions as a valuable member of the sleep team, and I thank you for supporting the AASM. I encourage you to reaffirm your support by renewing your membership for 2020.

I wish you and your family a happy (and delicious) holiday!


Kelly A. Carden, MD, MBA

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