Member profile: Why I support the AASM PAC


Over the last four years, I have been an active supporter of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Political Action Committee (AASM PAC). Why do I donate to the AASM PAC? For me, that answer is very straightforward. Supporting the AASM PAC is supporting the future of sleep medicine.

Securing sleep-friendly policy only happens when sleep advocates support sleep-friendly legislators. The AASM PAC is the key instrument by which we can make the changes that we need to best serve our patients.

Many professions are not fortunate enough to be represented by a PAC; luckily for sleep medicine, the AASM PAC provides us with a tool to truly make a difference in public policy. The AASM PAC is uniquely capable of pooling our individual donations and voices, collectively giving sleep specialists a formidable presence on Capitol Hill.

The AASM PAC makes donating accessible to all of us. While I appreciate the convenience of the online donation page on the AASM website and PAC information on the Evolve Sleep website, I personally prefer making my contributions in person at the Academy’s events, such as the Sleep Medicine Trends course or at the annual SLEEP meeting. Making donations in person gives me a special opportunity to meet and network with AASM staff and my fellow physician leaders – plus, the PAC often schedules promotional raffles, offering great prizes that can certainly sweeten my advocacy experience!

While I’m committed to the AASM PAC’s mission to promote healthy sleep through legislative action, no member can influence policy alone. Today, one donation at a time, let’s band together for a better future for our field. I personally invite you to join me in donating to the AASM PAC. Whether you’ve been donating for the last four years or you’re looking to make your first contribution, the future of sleep medicine depends on all of us!

Dr. George Fahed is the owner and medical director of Somnos Comprehensive Sleep Clinic in Coto Laurel, Puerto Rico.

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