Two studies in the April issue of the journal SLEEP received media attention this week. TIME reported that a new Web-based program can help parents get their infants and toddlers to sleep. Consumer Reports noted that the online program provides specific recommendations and routines that parents can use. Read the AASM press release and get more analysis on the AASM’s Sleep Education blog.

Another study found that the presence of sleep-disordered breathing is an important risk factor for mortality from excessive daytime sleepiness in older adults. WebMD noted that the risk of death was more than two times higher in older adults who had both sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness. Read the AASM press release.

The Wall Street Journal also brought attention to short sleepers, noting that many people who think they are short sleepers actually are sleep deprived. Currently an ongoing gene study has identified only about 20 true short sleepers.