The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has launched #SleepTechnology, a new, online resource to familiarize members with trending and popular sleep devices and apps. Developed by the AASM Consumer and Clinical Technology Committee, it comprises listings that provide concise, at-a-glance summaries of both the capabilities and limitations of this technology.

The AASM recognizes that rapid innovation in consumer and clinical sleep technology is a challenge for sleep clinicians. Fueled by online advertising and social media chatter, consumer utilization of sleep devices and apps is soaring. As a result, patients are bringing more data from home to the clinic, where they expect sleep providers to be familiar with trending sleep technology. This members only resource will continue to be updated with new listings, including the addition of summaries for novel clinical devices that patients may want to discuss with sleep medicine providers.

The AASM previously published, Consumer Sleep Technology: An American Academy of Sleep Medicine Position Statement, which details the disadvantages and potential benefits of consumer sleep technology and provides guidance when approaching patient-generated health data from consumer devices in a clinical setting. The statement emphasizes that consumer sleep technology may be utilized to enhance the patient-clinician interaction when presented in the context of an appropriate clinical evaluation.

In March 2019, the AASM also hosted and livestreamed Sleep Medicine Disruptors, a unique learning experience that explored the innovations poised to change the landscape of sleep health care. The event represented an open collaboration between sleep physicians and health technology leaders to address how artificial intelligence, consumer sleep technology, and other disruptors will affect the future of patient health, health care delivery, and health care costs. Available in the AASM online store, the Sleep Medicine Disruptors On-Demand bundle of video modules provides access to all nine lectures from the one-day event.

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