Health experts say the amount of money that states spend on consumer assistance during the first year of the ACA’s insurance exchanges could have a “major impact” on the number of residents who obtain health coverage. However, states with the highest amount of uninsured individuals, including Florida and Texas,  are receiving far less federal funding per uninsured resident than other states with lower uninsured rates.

The Wall Street Journal reports that employers are pressuring legislators to remove a provision in the ACA requiring businesses to provide health coverage to all employees who work 30 or more hours each week. The rule is unlikely to change with just a few months before the law is fully implemented. Some state agencies and not-for-profit organizations are considering cutting their workers’ hours to avoid the requirement.

Health insurers, which face the greatest risk if the ACA’s health insurance exchanges hit snags during implementation, are planning summer and fall campaigns to encourage to existing and potential new customers to sign up for health coverage, Politico reports.