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AASM members share expertise and insight with local and national news media

Recent news coverage of sleep-related topics has included the expertise and insight of American Academy of Sleep Medicine members who have helped raise awareness of the importance of healthy sleep:

    • Neomi Shah, MD, discussed sleep duration and sleep problems in women with NBC news.
    • Reena Mehra, MD, talked to CBS news in Detroit about sleep starts.
    • Judith Owens, MD, talked to the Washington Post about using melatonin as a sleep aid for children.
    • Michael Breus, PhD, wrote about cannabidiol and sleep for HuffPost
    • Wendy Hall, PhD, RN, provided back-to-school sleep tips for the Western Canada news site Castanet.

Would you like tips on how you can build relationships with local news media? Download the free AASM Media Relations Toolkit for helpful resources.

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