Two national publications highlight Seniors Sleep

The Chest Physician and Family Practice News recently published an interview with President Dr. Timothy I. Morgenthaler discussing AASM’s advocacy efforts to pass H.R. 4695, also known as the Seniors Sleep bill. AASM’s Seniors Sleep Campaign aims to add an OSA screening tool to the Welcome to Medicare preventive visit. H.R. 4695 has the potential to reduce undiagnosed rates and increase early detection of OSA. Members are encouraged to join the Seniors Sleep Campaign to help the AASM recruit additional sponsors.

Tell your representative to support Seniors Sleep

This month is the ideal time to send a letter discussing H.R. 4695, also known as AASM’s Seniors Sleep bill, because your Representative is near your home to meet constituents and fundraise for the upcoming mid-term election. A relationship with your Representative is critical in advancing a sleep medicine agenda in D.C., and the AASM PAC enables you and the AASM to build and sustain these important connections.

Join other Seniors Sleep Pledgers in advancing H.R. 4695 by contributing to the AASM PAC and submitting a letter to your Representative. Use the new Find your Representative tool to submit your letter. You can also email AASM PAC staff about local campaign events and how to set up a meeting with your Representative, providing you the opportunity to ask your Representative to support Seniors Sleep in person.

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