Texas Board of Dental Examiners

On Friday, February 28, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) considered approving a proposed regulation that would have effectively let dentists practice medicine.The measure would have allowed dentists to “diagnose and treat any dental comorbidity related to snoring or upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS)”, and “fabricate an oral appliance for treatment of a dental comorbidity related to snoring or UARS without the need for collaboration with a Texas licensed physician.”

During the meeting, the TSBDE decided to withdraw the current proposal. The General Counsel for the TSBDE stated that a revised draft will be published on the Texas Registry website by end of March for another 30-day comment period. Their TSBDE will consider the proposal at their next hearing will take place on Friday, May 9.

The AASM, Texas Medical Board and the Texas Medical Association have submitted comments in strong opposition of this language and how it will not only jeopardizes the quality of care for patients who have sleep-disordered breathing: It also violates the Texas Medical Practice Act and Dental Practice Act and the AASM and AADSM’s joint policy statement.

The AASM will continue work with our Texas membership, the Texas Medical Association and Texas Medical Board, and report any new developments.

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