WESTCHESTER, Ill. – Terry Young, PhD, received the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s (AASM) William C. Dement Academic Achievement Award for 2008.
“The William C. Dement Academic Achievement Award recognizes the leadership that Dr. Young has demonstrated throughout her career,” said Mary Susan Esther, MD, AASM president. “She has devoted her life to educating and mentoring graduate and medical students, as well as conducting pioneering research on topics such as sleep apnea, sleep in the menopausal transition, and the spectrum of narcolepsy in the population. I congratulate Dr. Young on her accomplishments, and wish her continued success in the sleep medicine field.”
Dr. Young received the award on June 9 in Baltimore, Md., at SLEEP 2008, the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.
Terry Young, PhD, is a professor of epidemiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an associate editor for the journal SLEEP. In 1988, Dr. Young initiated the landmark Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study, a longitudinal, population-based study of 1,500 adults that continues today. The study is best known for the unexpected findings published in 1993 in the New England Journal of Medicine detailing the high prevalence of sleep apnea in men and, most surprisingly, in women, in the general population.   
Dr. Young received graduate training in physiology from The State University of New York in Syracuse, in medical sociology from Rutgers University in New Jersey, and in epidemiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Established in 1994, the William C. Dement Academic Achievement Award recognizes members of the sleep field who have displayed exceptional initiative and progress in the areas of sleep education and academic research. 
The award’s namesake, William C. Dement, MD, PhD, is one of the nation’s leading sleep researchers. His extensive publication of research, work with REM sleep and development of the Multiple Sleep Latency Test greatly advanced the sleep medicine field. The William C. Dement Academic Achievement Award embodies the pursuit of knowledge, a commitment to teaching, and an unceasing quest to disseminate truth.      
SLEEP 2008 is a four-day scientific meeting featuring an international body of more than 5,000 leading researchers and clinicians in the field of sleep medicine. 
AASM is a professional membership organization dedicated to the advancement of sleep medicine and sleep-related research.



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