AASM members can discuss the latest findings and developments in sleep medicine and sleep research in the online discussion forums on the AASM website.  Each of the eight membership sections has its own discussion forum, and an additional General Discussion forum provides a venue for interaction on broad topics of interest.  You can subscribe to the RSS feed for any of the discussion forums to get the latest posts delivered to your email client or RSS reader of your choice. To subscribe, look for the RSS icon to the right of each forum on the main forum page. Copy the URL for the icon and paste it into your RSS reader to complete the process.

AASM members may participate in any of the eight membership sections:  Childhood Sleep Disorders and Development, Circadian Rhythms, Insomnia, Movement Disorders, Narcolepsy, Parasomnias, Sleep Deprivation, and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders.  However, you must designate a single primary section for the purpose of voting and holding office. Choose your section affiliations by logging in and selecting “My Account” in the upper-right navigation bar or by contacting the AASM national office at aasmsections@aasm.org.  Learn more about the sections by reading the most recent edition of the AASM Membership Sections Newsletter.