#StayHome. In a year when “social distancing” became more than a buzzy phrase, connecting with others took on new importance. Social media became indispensable in keeping up with rapidly changing current events while also serving as a bridge to our communities.

Sleep medicine professionals around the world took to social media to connect, care, and build community. From the AASM’s call to eliminate daylight saving time to the role that sleep plays in improving immunity, here are the hottest topics from social media this year.

1. The AASM’s call for the end of daylight saving time rapidly gained support on social media.


2. On World Sleep Day in March, our online community recognized that sleep is one of the three pillars of health.


3. Sleep professionals around the world adapted and turned to virtual networking during SLEEP 2020.

4. An interesting study used striking visuals to highlight the effect of sleep deprivation on appearance.

5. The sleep medicine community mourned the loss of Dr. William Dement and celebrated his life and legacy online.

6. As children around the country embarked on e-learning during the pandemic, the impact of screen time on sleep took on new importance.

7. Gender disparities in sleep caught the attention of our online community.

8. Support grew for advocacy efforts of the AASM and Sleep Research Society to promote the importance of adequate sleep duration.

9. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit America, many turned their attention to the role that sleep plays in bolstering the immune system.

10. With insomnia rates climbing in 2020, the online community recognized the important role that CBT-I plays.

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