On behalf of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s leadership, I thank all members who participated in the recent ballot regarding the organization’s bylaws. 

The AASM is a membership organization established on a premise that the diversity of professional backgrounds of its members is a strength and asset to the sleep medicine field. 

With this principle in mind, the review of the nomination and election process was conducted by the Board of Directors to ensure the continued strength of our membership organization and the continued growth of the sleep medicine field.

The result of the vote was a 70 percent majority of respondents supporting the proposed changes to the bylaws.

The new bylaws will go into effect immediately and the changes to our Nominating Committee will be in place for the 2011 election of leadership. 

The engagement of our members throughout this review of our nomination and election process was welcome, and I thank you again for being part of this process.     

Clete A. Kushida, MD, PhD