Join Course Chair Jack Edinger, PhD, and Course Vice-Chair Ryan Wetzler, PsyD, for Evaluation and Management of Insomnia, a timely and comprehensive course that provides in-depth, state-of-the-art presentations on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and administrative issues for insomnia.  The course is March 14-15, 2009, at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, Ill.  

The course is a review of adult and pediatric insomnia, and will review the epidemiology of insomnia and assessment methods. A session on pharmacology will highlight non-hypnotic treatments such as antidepressants and melatonin agonists, introduce new hypnotics and end with speculation on the ways that new research on the hypocretin system may lead to more effective treatments of insomnia. Sessions will address disorders that may be co-morbid with insomnia or present with insomnia symptoms. The course will also include a discussion of sleep disorders and compliance with treatment that can be addressed using Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Faculty will improve the quality and increase the breadth of attendee’s diagnostic and intervention knowledge base by providing an organized and solidified overview of the field.

Registration is now open online, where you can also learn more about Evaluation and Management of Insomnia and download the course brochure.