A resource-related research projects (R24) funding opportunity announcement (PAR-18-694) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) encourages applications that develop, strengthen, and evaluate transdisciplinary approaches, methods, and investigative teams in basic behavioral, social, and/or biobehavioral research to generate fundamental knowledge of the reciprocal linkages between sleep and stress.

Stress can result in sleep disruption due to both psychological as well as physiological changes. Sleep disruption can result in physiological changes; however, individuals may not recognize or identify impairment due to sleep disruption.

This initiative supports the development of research teams to understand how basic individual, social, biological, and environmental factors interact in a dynamic relationship between sleep patterns and psychosocial stress to influence health, wellness, disease, and/or treatment adherence.

The letter of intent due date is Sept. 29, 2018.