When the COVID-19 pandemic introduced unprecedented challenges for health care providers, necessity spurred action. The pandemic changed health care technology priorities and challenged clinical providers to accelerate the speed of technology adoption. The need for patient-centered solutions intensified.

A new report developed by the AASM’s Emerging Technology Committee, in collaboration with the Telemedicine Presidential Committee and Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee, shines a light on the key sleep technology concepts and innovations that increased in importance in response to the pandemic.

Adapting to a Global Pandemic

Organized into five themes, the report explores several technology advancements that became more relevant—and in some cases, more urgent—in response to the pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the pace of change in clinical practice and the culture of medicine, driving greater interest in remote models of care delivery and data monitoring,” said Dr. Maryann Deak, chair of the Emerging Technology Committee. “Technology is at the heart of these changes and why it is so important for sleep providers to keep pace with the evolution of sleep technology.”

From the expansion of telehealth to an increased interest in new technologies with therapeutic potential, the pandemic highlighted new ways to deliver health care and provide treatment to vulnerable populations.

Read the report, “Adapting to a Global Pandemic,” to learn about recent consumer and clinical sleep technology advancements.

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