The new Case Book of Sleep Medicine was created to extend the clinical utility of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders, Second Edition (ICSD-2). Case-based learning allows readers to follow experienced clinicians gather information from history, physical examination, and laboratory tests.

The organization of the Case Book of Sleep Medicine follows that of the ICSD-2. Cases are divided into six sections, corresponding to the six major categories of sleep disorders in the ICSD-2. Like the ICSD-2, pediatric cases are incorporated into the relevant diagnostic sections, rather than being separated out.

All 70 cases adhere to the following format: History, Physical Examination, Differential Diagnosis, Polysomnographic Testing, Additional Tests, Final Diagnosis, Discussion of Treatment Plan, Outcome of Case, Teaching Points, and References. Consistency in the case presentation format is provided so that there is easy access to the clinical material, thought processes, underlying diagnosis, and treatment plans.

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