The American Academy of Sleep Medicine applauds Congress for swiftly passing the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, which was signed into law by President Biden. The law provides $52.7 billion for American semiconductor research, development, manufacturing, and workforce development. Additionally, it initiates a 25-percent tax credit for new or expanded facilities that make semiconductors or chipmaking equipment.

Recent supply chain issues affecting semiconductor chips have impacted many industries, but none as vital to the health and safety of Americans as medical devices. In the wake of the worldwide Philips recall of 5.2 million breathing assistance devices, including CPAP machines for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and ventilators for respiratory failure, patients are even more endangered by the shortage of chips. Many Americans are currently waiting months to receive a replacement device, leaving them untreated with symptoms including sleepiness and disrupted sleep. This lack of treatment puts them at increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, hospitalization from respiratory failure, and motor vehicle accidents.

Earlier in 2022, the AASM led an effort to advocate for prioritization of medical devices in chip allocation, holding meetings with members of Congress and the White House. It is the hope of the AASM that the new law will help alleviate this crisis and encourage continued efforts to prioritize patient health.