The Board of Directors has created a new standing committee, the Documents Review Committee, to triage project proposals that result in the creation of an official document.

Evidence- and consensus-based guidelines are at the heart of our clinical practice. Members rely on these documents, and an increasing number of government agencies and private companies look to the AASM for guidance in setting their policy. The Standards of Practice Committee and various Task Forces have always done an exceptional job developing standards of practice and clinical guidelines for the field and identifying topics that are critical for address. However, the organization has designed a process to provide an avenue for members to have a more active role in providing input and forming the priorities for evidence- and consensus-based documents.

Any AASM Section member or AASM standing committee member can initiate the process through their Chair. Proposals are submitted to the Documents Review Committee by a member of the Board of Directors, the chair of a standing committee, or the chair of an AASM section. Learn more about the process and download an application form.