DARIEN, IL — The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the AASM Foundation are offering relief funding through new programs created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds are now available from the AASM for state and regional sleep societies and from the AASM Foundation for research award recipients impacted financially by COVID-19.

Funding for sleep societies

State and regional sleep societies rely on revenue generated by their educational conferences. As a result of the pandemic, most of these meetings are being cancelled or moved online, which can significantly impact the financial health of these organizations. Some sleep societies may need new sources of funding to overcome this fiscal challenge.

The AASM COVID-19 Relief Fund will assist U.S.-based state or regional sleep societies that are 501(c)3, 501(c)4 or 501(c)6 tax-exempt organizations. Any state or regional sleep society impacted by COVID-19 is eligible to request funds of up to $10,000.

“State and regional sleep societies play an important role in providing professional education, advocating for the sleep field, and connecting sleep medicine professionals locally and regionally,” said AASM President Dr. Kannan Ramar. “The AASM has always been a strong supporter of state and regional sleep societies, and it is our privilege to offer them financial assistance during this crisis.”

To apply for relief funding, sleep societies must complete the application, attach the required documentation, and submit the materials to states@aasm.org. Applications for the first round of funding are due July 9, 2020, and award notifications will be announced in August. Additional rounds of funding will be announced, and applications will continue to be accepted, while budgeted relief funds are available.

Funding for AASM Foundation award recipients

The AASM Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund will support current award recipients with active projects by offsetting some of the additional expenses incurred due to the unanticipated effects of the pandemic.

“The AASM Foundation recognizes that COVID-19 has completely disrupted some research projects by delaying participant recruitment, changing proposed methodologies, limiting the availability of research personnel, and restricting access to facilities,” said AASM Foundation President Dr. Anita Shelgikar. “We are pleased to be able to support our award recipients by offering this financial assistance.”

Most AASM Foundation award recipients with a current, active award (i.e., with an executed contract in place) are eligible. Applicants can apply for up to 10% of the original award amount up to a maximum of $10,000. Applications are due June 29, 2020, and award notifications will be announced at the end of July. For more information, AASM Foundation award recipients can send an email to foundation@aasm.org.


About the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Established in 1975, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is advancing sleep care and enhancing sleep health to improve lives. The AASM has a combined membership of 11,000 accredited member sleep centers and individual members, including physicians, scientists and other health care professionals (aasm.org).

About the AASM Foundation
Founded in 1998, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable and scientific organization that was established by the AASM. The AASM Foundation has invested in the future of sleep medicine by supporting more than 200 awards totaling over $13.5 million in funding (foundation.aasm.org).