Attract the most qualified leaders in sleep medicine and research by posting your open positions in SLEEP and Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (JCSM). Placing your classified ads in these journals can help to generate qualified leads and shorten your search by reaching out to all members of the AASM and the Sleep Research Society as well as journal subscribers, medical libraries and universities from around the world.

With the growing need for qualified employees who can provide an immediate impact on your organization’s success, it is important to reach out to potential prospects through respected outlets such as SLEEP and the JCSM. SLEEP, with more than thirty years in publication, is considered by many to be the most respected journal in the field. And the JCSM, in its fourth year in publication, has quickly become one of the fastest growing clinical journals in the field.

The next available issues to start reaching your potential prospects are listed below:

Issue Date
April 1
February 22
April 15
March 6

For more information on classified advertising, please visit SLEEP and JCSM or send an e-mail to