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Feeling thankful? Give back with a monthly gift to the AASM PAC

This Thanksgiving, the AASM PAC is hungrier and more motivated than ever before, and we’re ready to take our seat at the table in Washington’s health policy debate. As the future of health care is written, well-represented interest groups are ready to gobble up all the funds they can get. The AASM PAC is our greatest tool to help make sure that you and your patients are getting your fair share of the legislative pie!

Can the AASM count on you and your support as we prepare for the 2018 election year? Last month, at the height of membership renewal season, your efforts to grow the AASM PAC were extraordinary — but it’s crucial that the AASM PAC is active and growing month after month.

To aid the AASM PAC in a consistent fundraising effort, you now have the option to choose to make a recurring, monthly donation – rather than a lump sum gift – to help you make more affordable donations more often. Just choose a donation value and a duration for how many months you’d like your donations to be made. Just like that, you’ve done your part in advancing the sleep medicine field with significantly less hassle!

Try out the new monthly AASM PAC donation option by starting with a monthly donation of $25.

Take this for example: A monthly donation of just $25 becomes a much more generous and significant donation over time. By the end of the year, you’d be giving a very generous total contribution of $300 for the cost of filling up the gas tank in your car each month!

It’s the season of giving – let’s start the year off right. Make your first recurring donation today.

To cancel a monthly donation at any time, please email AASM advocacy staff at policy@aasm.org.

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