In 2010 the AASM will host a Board Review for the Sleep Specialist course in two convenient locations: Aug. 13–15 in Denver, Colo., and Oct. 1–3 in Reston, Va. An expert faculty will provide a comprehensive review of sleep medicine that mirrors the blueprint for the exam and includes the following lectures:


  • “The Insomnias” by Ruth Benca, MD, PhD
  • “Pediatric Polysomnography and Pediatric Sleep Apnea” by Carol Rosen, MD
  • “OSA Treatment: CPAP and non-CPAP” by Nancy Collop, MD
  • “Medications and Their Effects on Sleep” by Flavia Consens, MD
  • And more!

Registration is now open for these board review courses. Register early, as space is limited. For more information about the Board Review for the Sleep Specialist course, visit the Sleep Education Series portion of the AASM website or download a copy of the course brochure.