Clinical Conversations: COVID-19

As a resource for sleep medicine clinicians, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine is recording a series of Clinical Conversations with sleep medicine professionals to learn more about their decision-making process as they’ve responded to COVID-19. The goal is to learn how sleep clinicians in different areas of the country are modifying their sleep clinic and sleep lab operations to promote health and safety during this national emergency.

Brandon Peters-Mathews, MD – Virginia Mason Medical Center

In this new Clinical Conversations video, AASM Public Safety Committee Vice Chair Dr. Shannon Sullivan discusses COVID-19 with Dr. Brandon Peters-Mathews, a sleep medicine physician at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. (22 minutes)

Clete Kushida, MD, PhD – Stanford

On March 20, 2020, AASM Public Safety Committee Chair Dr. Indira Gurubhagavatula and Vice Chair Dr. Shannon Sullivan talked with Dr. Clete Kushida, medical director of the Stanford Sleep Clinic in California. (34 minutes)