Contact your Senator today to support the SGR repeal

After tabling debate on a permanent repeal to Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), the U.S. Senate is back from recess. Today, the Senate must pass a full repeal or patch of the SGR before physicians will face a 21% payment cut for treating Medicare patients. 

Two weeks ago, the U.S. House of Representatives opted to set aside partisan politics in favor of common-sense legislation. While the House of Representatives chose action over gridlock, the Senate has put off a vote until the final hour, leaving just a day for amendments to be voted on and for the House to approve an identical, amended bill.

Enough is enough. The SGR has been temporarily patched 17 times over the last two decades, recklessly wasting billions of dollars in lieu of a more fiscally responsible, permanent fix. The national deficit cannot be balanced on the backs of hard-working physicians, leaving Medicare patients to suffer.   

Although a full repeal is in reach, physicians must make their voices heard in one last push to repeal the SGR. Let your Senator know that you deserve 100% payment for 100% effort. 

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine Political Action Committee (AASM PAC) has tirelessly worked toward supporting lawmakers who champion intelligent health policy. A repeal of the SGR would be a victory for all physicians.

The AASM strives to empower hands-on political involvement from its members. Citizen action has never been more impactful or accessible. Sign our letter and contact your Senator today, and consider making a donation to the AASM PAC. The health of the sleep medicine field depends on your active political participation.

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