Other Coding Resources

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends the following sites to members that have specific coding questions:

ICD-10 World Health Organization
The current version of ICD-10, with information on recent updates and the history of ICD. The World Health Organization also offers a searchable version of the ICD-10.

Medicare Learning Network (MLN)
Educational information for Medicare fee-for-service providers including a catalog of MLN products, articles containing descriptions of Medicare programs and concepts, and a Medicare handbook for new doctors. Numerous resources may be downloaded from the catalog without charge.

Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (ABN)
Information about ABN, a report given to Medicare beneficiaries to inform them that Medicare may not pay for a particular service. Current versions of the ABN forms and accompanying information on their use are available.

Medicare’s “Incident To” Policy PDF
This document contains the Medicare transmittal regarding coverage and limitations of incident to services. The material in this document describes coverage and limitations, effective August 28, 2002.