The Nosology Committee of the AASM seeks contributions for an ICSD-2 Casebook. The purpose of the Casebook is to illustrate proper use of the ICSD diagnostic criteria and differential diagnosis.

It is expected to be a valuable resource for those preparing for sleep medicine board examinations, residents rotating in sleep centers, and physicians in pulmonary, neurology, internal medicine, and psychiatry who wish to learn sleep medicine in a case based format.

Contributions may be from actual cases or an amalgamation of several cases. Initial submissions should be an abstract of the case no longer than one page of double-spaced text and should include:

  • A description of the symptoms
  • Approach to the patient
  • Final diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Teaching points

The Nosology Committee will review all submissions to determine which should be included in the Casebook. Not all submissions will be included. When considering whether to submit a contribution, it is important to note that the final version is expected to be between five and ten double-spaced pages, including figures.

A member of the Committee will contact you with details of the submission requirements if your case is selected for inclusion in the casebook. All contributing authors will be asked to sign a copyright assignment form.

Final versions should include:

  • Detailed history
  • Physical Examination
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Polysomnographic Testing (when appropriate)
    • Record fragments are encouraged
  • Additional Tests (if needed)
    • Actigraphy, sleep logs, imaging studies and other relevant data
  • Final Diagnosis
  • Discussion of Treatment Options
  • Outcome of Case

Those who submit cases that are chosen for inclusion in the Casebook will be recognized as contributing authors.

Please submit contributions to Brian Shearer, PhD, Nosology Committee Coordinator, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, One Westbrook Corporate Center Suite 920, Westchester, IL 60154 or by e-mail to