In August, the Medical Board of California (Board) issued proposed regulations outlining the educational and training requirements a sleep technologist must complete to obtain the designation of “certified polysomnographic technologist” by the Board. The regulations execute Senate Bill 132 (SB 132) which was signed into law on October 23, 2009. Sleep technologists who are not certified by the Board will be precluded from performing sleep care services.

SB 132 mandates the Board to approve the specific educational and examination qualifications sleep technologists must complete to obtain a certificate. Individuals seeking certification must also undergo a criminal background check. In addition, the bill provides a grandfathering clause stating that individuals who submit proof to the Board that they have been working in the field of polysomnography for the last five years may be issued a certificate without completing the educational or examination requirements.

The AASM has been working closely with the California Sleep Society on this issue. As of this report, the Board is in the process of finalizing the regulations. The AASM will keep our members posted with any new developments.