Virginia House Bill 725 Signed by Governor: Establishes Licensure for Sleep Technologists

On April 21, Governor Bob McDonnell signed House Bill 725 into law, establishing licensure for sleep technologists. The legislation defines “polysomnographic technology” as:

the process of analyzing, scoring, attended monitoring, and recording of physiologic data during sleep and wakefulness to assist in the clinical assessment and diagnosis of sleep/wake disorders and other disorders, syndromes, and dysfunctions that either are sleep related, manifest during sleep, or disrupt normal sleep/wake cycles and activities.

Virginia is now the ninth jurisdiction to provide sleep technologists a specific licensure/certification pathway. Other jurisdictions that have licensure/certification include: California, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee and Washington D.C.

The AASM worked closely with the VASM on this important piece of legislation. Members can review the licensure bill online.

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