As part of the development process for the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the preliminary draft revisions to the current diagnostic criteria for psychiatric diagnoses are now available online for public review and comment. The DSM-5 is scheduled to be published by the American Psychiatric Association in May 2013. Viewers will be able to submit comments until April 20, 2010. After that time, the site will be available for viewing only.

The proposed criteria available online are initial drafts of the recommendations that have been made to date by the DSM-5 Work Groups.  Among the proposals of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Work Group is the recommendation of greater inclusion of disorders not listed in the mental disorder section of the International Classification of Diseases. This has been proposed primarily as a way to educate non-expert sleep clinicians (such as psychiatrists and general medical physicians) about sleep disorders that have mental as well as medical/neurological aspects.