In the final week of August, AASM staff traveled to Des Moines, IA for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ Annual International Conference. During the weeklong event, the AASM’s health policy team brought awareness to drowsy driving, the cause of 21% of fatal car crashes in America. 

The AASM booth brought a unique physician presence to the meeting, including all 50 states and three nations in attendance. Speaking with AASM representatives, state, federal, and associated stakeholders compiled drowsy driving information, featuring the tireless work of the AASM Board of Directors and the Transportation and Safety Task Force. 

After lengthy, fruitful discussions, multiple states and government institutions expressed their interest in working with the AASM to integrate drowsy driving information into their driver safety programs. 

As staff continues to forge new inroads toward responsible drowsy driving policy, take time to educate your patients on the dangers of drowsy driving, and the steps they can take to mitigate its effect on American lives. For further information, please read the AASM’s health advisory on drowsy driving featured on Evolve Sleep’s Patient Safety Initiatives page.