The American Academy of Sleep Medicine congratulates the recipient of the 2018 Young Investigator Award, Camila Hirotsu, and the three individuals who received the honorable mention designation. They were recognized by AASM President Dr. Ilene Rosen during the AASM general membership meeting on Monday, June 4, at SLEEP 2018 in Baltimore.

The award program is open to students, residents and fellows who submit an abstract to the SLEEP meeting, are members of the AASM, and are under 40 years of age.

Each applicant’s abstract was reviewed by three reviewers, and the most exceptional abstracts with the highest scores were selected for recognition. The 2018 recipients were selected from among 123 applicants.

The winner receives a $1,000 award, and an award of $500 is given to each of the honorable mention recipients. Their abstracts are available in the SLEEP 2018 abstract supplement.

Young Investigator Award Recipient

Camila Hirotsu

Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo

“Obstructive sleep apnea as risk factor for incident metabolic syndrome in the Episono Cohort: an 8-year follow-up study”

Honorable Mentions

Thomaz Fleury Curado, MD

The Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center

“Chemogenetic silencing of hypoglossal motor neurons creates a model of upper airway obstruction during sleep”

Jenie George, MD

Sleep Disorders Center, Neurological Institute, Cleveland Clinic

“Impact of CPAP versus supplemental oxygen on cardiac electrophysiological indices in obstructive sleep apnea: the HeartBEAT study”

Justin Wong, MD

University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston

“Revisiting the optimal tidal volume in average volume-assured pressure support for obesity hypoventilation syndrome”

Recipients of the 2018 AASM Young Investigator Award

2018 AASM Young Investigator Award recipient Camila Hirotsu with honorable mention recipient Justin Wong, MD; AASM President Ilene Rosen, MD; and honorable mention recipients Jenie George, MD; and Thomaz Fleury Curado, MD. Photo taken June 4, 2018, at SLEEP 2018 in Baltimore.