The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is seeking a volunteer to serve as the Academy’s advisor to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Editorial Panel. Accurate and complete CPT codes for sleep medicine are critical to payment for sleep services and are therefore a priority of the Board of Directors and the membership. Qualified volunteers will have a thorough understanding of CPT coding and a passion for supporting the field of sleep medicine.

The Role of the CPT Advisor

The American Medical Association (AMA) convenes meetings of the CPT Editorial Panel three times a year to revise existing codes and develop new codes for all medical procedures. The AASM’s CPT advisor will work in partnership with an alternate advisor and AASM staff to support the Academy in the following ways as necessary:

  • Recommend revisions to existing sleep-related CPT codes;
  • Develop and present proposals for new sleep-related CPT Codes; 
  • Comment on proposals submitted by other specialty societies that may impact sleep medicine;
  • Work under the direction of the AASM Board of Directors and in conjunction with AASM staff to represent the AASM at CPT Editorial Panel meetings; and
  • Review materials, including CPT code change applications and supporting literature, in a timely fashion.

Relevant Experience

Qualified volunteers will have experience with the CPT code set, which may have been obtained through previous committee involvement, course attendance, and/or as a part of medical practice. Commitment to sleep medicine, documented by a minimum of five years of AASM membership, is also required.

Time Commitment

CPT Editorial Panel meetings are typically held in February, May and October of each year and typically last three days, from Thursday – Saturday. The meetings are held throughout the country and locations vary, though one meeting per year is typically held in Chicago. Qualified volunteers will express the ability to attend all three meetings each year when possible.

Members interested in volunteering should send a copy of their CV as well as a completed COI form to Carolyn Winter-Rosenberg ( by Wednesday, Sept. 30. More information about CPT can be found on the AMA website.