A recent report released by the Obama administration offers more detailed demographic information on who enrolled into the exchange market. According to the report, of the 3.8 million people who enrolled through the federal exchange at HealthCare.gov (https://www.healthcare.gov/), voluntarily disclosed information on their age, race and gender:

  • 63% are white;
  • 17% are black;
  • 11% are Hispanic; and
  • 8% are Asian.

The report noted that: 54 percent of enrollees were women; and 46 percent were men. Meanwhile, the report noted that nearly 2.2 million, or 28 percent, of the eight million people who enrolled through either the federal or state exchanges were between ages 18 to 34.

The data also provided breakdowns on state enrollment. States with the highest enrollment totals were:

  • California, with 1.4 million enrollees;
  • Florida, with 983,775 enrollees;
  • Texas, with 733,757 enrollees;
  • New York, with 370,451 enrollees;
  • North Carolina, with 357,584 enrollees;
  • Pennsylvania, with 318,077 enrollees; and
  • Georgia, with 316,543 enrollees.

However, the data did not include the number of people who have activated their coverage by paying the first month’s premium. According to the administration, the data included all who have signed up for coverage, regardless of whether they made payments. Federal officials also said they did not know how many people who enrolled in coverage previously were uninsured. In addition, the data did not include breakdowns of enrollees by health plan and CMS indicated that they did not know of any plans for the federal government.