Dear AASM members,

I am writing again to be sure you are aware of the importance of reclaiming our delegate in the American Medical Association’s (AMA) House of Delegates (HOD).

Having a delegate will enable the AASM to represent and amplify the voice of sleep physicians in important policy decisions that will have long-lasting repercussions on how health care is practiced. AMA representation also will help us influence reimbursement discussions that are unique to sleep medicine.

Finally, the AASM will be able to advocate on your behalf within the largest association representing physicians in the United States. At a time when there is uncertainty about the future of health care, it is critical that sleep medicine has a seat at the table.

The AASM is very close to achieving the required 1,000 dual AASM/AMA members to regain our delegate, but we still need your help.

Please join the AMA by Aug. 10, 2018. Half-year AMA dues are now available to those who qualify. In addition to helping the AASM regain HOD representation, membership in the AMA has significant benefits for you.

With your support, the AASM will again represent sleep medicine within the AMA HOD.


Douglas Kirsch, MD
AASM President