Is your Accredited Facility a Facility Member? If so, make sure to use the three recently released new benefits for Accredited Facility Members:

Maintenance of Accreditation 
Facility members will now be allowed to work within their next reaccreditation application prior to their eligibility for submission. Save time by maintaining a current application (policies, procedures, etc.) on a regular basis and to efficiently submit an accurate reaccreditation application. Access: Login and find it under “My Organizations” on your dashboard.

Accredited Facility Directory
An essential tool for reimbursement and referrals! All AASM members will be able to search the directory for a listing of all accredited programs (Facility, ISP, DME) by name, address, and accreditation start and end date. View the Directory

Coding and Reimbursement Quick Reference Guide
This free resource combines information about diagnostic and procedural codes, payment and relative value unit (RVU) information for sleep and E/M codes, and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help support you and your staff. Download Reference Guide

Begin exploring the features of these new benefits today!