Over the several months the AASM has been meeting with federal lawmakers and agencies to increase the AASM’s presence in Washington, D.C.

  • The AASM meets regularly with federal legislators to educate them on sleep medicine and the Academy’s position on issues such as new care delivery models for sleep, reimbursement for sleep medicine physicians and funding for research.
  • The AASM also frequently meets with federal agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health communicate the importance of effective sleep policies.

Please help support our advocacy efforts. By contributing to the AASM PAC, you will shape the outlook of sleep medicine.

As you know, the 2012 election is underway with the presidency, 33 Senate and all Congressional seats being challenged in November. It is vital that the AASM continue our advocacy efforts during this important election. Elected representatives place a high value on advocacy involvement. By contributing to the AASM PAC, you will join with other concerned members of the sleep community who are interested in shaping the outlook of sleep medicine, sleep research and our healthcare and public health system.

AASM PAC is a bi-partisan political action committee which assists in supporting sleep medicine-friendly legislators in their Congressional elections. The AASM PAC has been a vital tool in helping the AASM:

  • Raise awareness of sleep medicine and sleep disorders at a governmental level.
  • Position itself on issues relevant to the practice of sleep medicine including new delivery models for sleep and reimbursement for sleep medicine physicians.
  • Secure future government funding opportunities for sleep research.

Members can donate online at: www.aasm.org/pac.aspx