The AASM has released a new resource, “Pursuing Advanced Sleep Practices: A Guide to Raising Quality Care in Sleep Medicine,” to assist accredited sleep programs in understanding how to advance their sleep practices. It encourages sleep programs to look beyond the minimum standard requirements needed for AASM accreditation and to expand their reach in their communities to align with the AASM’s mission of “advancing sleep care and enhancing sleep health to improve lives.”

This guide outlines practices that will enhance accredited programs in the areas of clinical care, community outreach service, faculty representation, education, quality improvement, and research. As you review this new resource, it is recommended that you evaluate your sleep program to determine if any of these practices can be implemented. These advanced sleep practices will help your sleep program lead the field in providing high quality, comprehensive sleep services while raising awareness about sleep and sleep disorders.

View the new resource on the AASM Accreditation Reference Materials webpage.