Product Spotlight: Pediatric Sleep Package Slide Set

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Pediatric Sleep Package includes three stand-alone presentations that together provide a comprehensive guide to normal and abnormal sleep across the first 18 years of life.

Infant Sleep provides an introduction to evaluation and scoring of sleep in infants. Changes in sleep amount and stage distribution are described. There is an extensive discussion of the development of circadian rhythms and napping, as well as cross-cultural perspective on co-sleeping. The second half of the presentation is devoted to sudden infant death syndrome, apparent life threatening events and congenital central hypoventilation syndrome. 73 slides and an extensive reference list.

Child Sleep
focuses on the pre-teen years. After a brief description of normal sleep in this age group, the presentation moves to a series of sleep disorders, including behavioral insomnia, sleep related breathing disorders, parasomnias, restless legs syndrome and enuresis. Methods for evaluation and treatment of each of these disorders are discussed. 81 slides with references.

Adolescent Sleep addresses the variety of issues that contribute to sleep deprivation in teenagers. Causes and treatments of insomnia in this age group are discussed in detail, as well as a discussion of delayed sleep phase syndrome. The set includes a discussion of the current state of the science of narcolepsy, the typical presentation in adolescence and a review of treatments. Teenage sleep related breathing disorders are also discussed. 59 slides and references.

Order your copy of the Pediatric Sleep Package online at Please note the slide sets can be purchased individually.

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