Results from the Nov. 6 midterm general election present a complex legislative scenario at both the federal and state level.

The United States Congress will be split in 2019, with the House of Representatives controlled by Democrats, and Republicans gaining seats in the Senate. This divided Congress is expected to produce gridlock and typical partisan conflict related to large issues. However, the influx of new legislators may improve opportunities for smaller, bipartisan bills.

At the state level, seven legislative chambers changed control, with six flipping to Democratic control and one to Republicans. Additionally, several new governors will be sworn-in in January, providing an environment that is ripe for change.

With all the fresh faces entering the policy discussion, this moment allows the AASM an opportunity to influence new elected officials’ thoughts about key health care issues such as Stark Law reform, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and transportation safety, establishment of a Sleep Health Caucus, and sleep medicine in general. While the landscape has changed, AASM is prepared for the policy discussions ahead.

To help AASM be successful in our advocacy efforts, please let us know if you have a connection to a recently elected federal or state legislator. Please contact AASM advocacy staff at (630) 737-9700 or