Maryland House Bill 827 (HB 827) & Senate Bill 776 (SB 776) have been submitted to Governor Martin O’Malley for signature. The bills, which have the same language, would amend the Maryland Polysomnography Practice Act (“Act”) to recognize A-STEP as an acceptable educational pathway. Current statutory language the Act requires that after October 1, 2013, individuals applying for licensure must first complete a CAAHEP program. Presently, there are only two CAAHEP-approved educational programs in the state.

However, the bill would require an applicant to “Have graduated from a CAAHEP, or A-STEP program and completed a clinical component of an educational program established by the Committee and Approved by the Board.”

The bill will authorize A-STEP as a viable educational alternative, but will also require the applicant to complete a clinical component that is approved by the Maryland Board of Physicians.