The AASM is requesting volunteers to serve on the new OSA Assessment Tools Task Force. Service as a task force member is a one-year appointment with a maximum of a three-year consecutive term, and it requires participation in monthly conference calls and projects that meet the mandate of the task force. Reports are sent to the board of directors on a quarterly basis.

The mandate and goals for this task force are:

Mandate: The OSA Assessment Tools Task Force evaluates current screening assessment and evaluation tools for OSA to determine if they are reliable and effective and makes recommendations regarding the development of additional screening assessment tools.

Goals for 2016/2017:
1. Evaluate current screening assessment tools for OSA and pre- and post-CPAP initiation to see if they are reliable and effective tools.
2. Develop a resource to inform members of the existing screening assessment tools.
3. Recommend whether or not the AASM needs to develop additional screening assessment tools and potential mechanisms for doing so.

To be considered for the OSA Assessment Tools Task Force, please review the AASM Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy before completing the following documents and submitting them to Britney Heald no later than Friday, April 29 at