Sleep technologists looking for an in-depth review of sleep-disordered breathing with a primary focus on CPAP titration and of the differential diagnosis of nocturnal seizures and parasomnias are invited to attend two courses September 6-7, 2008, in Nashville, Tenn.

The Essentials of Sleep Technology: CPAP Titration course provides a review of basic lung physiology and control of breathing, includes instruction in the recognition and criteria for evaluation of the severity of sleep related breathing disorders for the implementation of "split night" studies, presents common treatment modalities, and discusses positive airway titration schemes and methods for improving patient compliance.

Essentials of Sleep Technology: Sleep, Parasomnias and Nocturnal Epilepsies is a review of abnormal behaviors during sleep and the interpretation of electroencephalography during polysomnography. Participants will review videotape of parasomnias and nocturnal epilepsies to examine behavioral clues that are essential to differentiating these two disorders.

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