Two-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler, who also directed the 2006 documentary “Who Needs Sleep?”, died Dec. 27 at the age of 93. Wexler’s documentary explored the health and safety ramifications of sleep deprivation among film crews who work long hours in the movie industry. If also featured anecdotes from Hollywood stars such as Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, as well as insight from sleep experts such as AASM members Dr. Bill Dement and Dr. Jim Pagel.

Watch the documentary “Who Needs Sleep?” below:

Documentary 2006
directed by Haskell Wexler ASC

A documentary that highlights the deadly combination of sleep deprivation and long days of work. Focusing in particular in the film industry.

Unsettled by the preventable death of a coworker, filmmaker Haskell Wexler learns that sleep deprivation and long work hours are a deadly combination. Interweaving medical findings with personal accounts, his camera reveals how a 24/7 work culture affects all Americans.

: 78 min