Hope everyone is adjusting well to the time change.  I do like getting home on occasion in the daylight, but waking up earlier is tough.  The daffodils, azaleas and green pine pollen are out – so we all know that Spring has sprung!

I want to put a plug in to all those involved in accredited sleep centers to fill out the recent survey we sent regarding the utilization of advanced practice nurses and physician assistants.  We are aware that many centers are using the services of such practitioners now, and we are very interested in learning more about how they are being used and what the AASM can do to help them.  As I am hearing, not unlike medical schools, their formal training programs are providing very little information about sleep medicine; so much of what they learn is “OJT” (on the job training). 

We would like to understand, first, what roles they are playing, which will help us determine potential educational offerings and other programs that we could offer within the society.  We know they are out there; we just need to get some data on what their needs are.  So please take a few minutes out of your busy day to fill out our online survey.

Another brief note:  I hope some of you got to see our AASM board member Nate Watson on CBS Sunday Morning this past Sunday talking about sleep and “the perils of sleep deprivation.”  There were several sleep experts interviewed on the program, and it was a very positive message about the importance of sleep.  Great job Nate – thanks for putting a positive spin on sleep for the public to see!

Well, that’s the Hypnogram for this week.  Enjoy the blooming trees, flowers and warmer weather.  And don’t worry:  It takes about two weeks to get used to the time change, so it will get a little easier each day!

Nancy Collop, MD