Exchanges’ preparedness varies widely in GOP-led states

Officials in Republican-led states with federally run exchanges report wide variances in insurer competition and preparedness, Modern Healthcare reports.

Indiana will have four insurers operating in its exchange but 31 of the state’s 92 counties will have offerings from only one of those insurers while 35 counties will have to select between just two insurers. The exchange statuses also vary in other Republican-led states, including:

  • Alabama, where only three insurers are expected to offer plans through the federally run exchange and where all exchange-related questions will be forwarded to the federal government;
  • Florida, where the exchange will host 11 insurers, but only one that will offer plans on the individual market to at least 21 of the state’s 67 counties, according to the state’s office of insurance regulation; and
  • Michigan, where the exchange that will be run in partnership with the federal government will host 13 insurers, at least one of which — Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan — will offer plans in all of the state’s 83 counties.
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