CMS recently launched an effort to revalidate the enrollment of every provider and supplier by March 23, 2013 pursuant to the program integrity screening provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). CMS recently decided to extend the revalidation effort by two years.

CMS also announced numerous, significant improvements to the online Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership (PECOS) system that should make revalidation less onerous for physicians. The changes physicians can expect to see in place by the end of 2012 include:

  • E-signatures
  • Electronic document upload
  • Batch upload capability
  • Seamless password reset
  • Enhancements for authorized officials
  • Reassignment reports
  • New “my enrollments page” and “fast track view” screens
  • Fewer duplicative document submission requirements

CMS stated that these improvements to PECOS will be implemented before most physicians are asked to revalidate.