Last week the AASM announced the release of revised Standards for Accreditation, which combined two sets of standards – for accreditation of sleep disorders centers and out of center sleep testing (OCST) – into one streamlined and unified document. Subsequent inquiries received by the AASM indicate that the wording about patient evaluations in last week’s notification was not as clear as intended.

The new Standards for Accreditation do not include a standard related to direct referral of patients. Consultations prior to diagnostic testing and treatment, which enable patients to benefit from the expertise of sleep specialists and the facility’s sleep team, are recommended by the AASM to promote high quality, patient-centered care. However, this general recommendation, which is described in the introduction to the new Standards for Accreditation, is not a mandatory standard or requirement for accreditation.

The AASM recognizes that patient consultations may be restricted by payer policies or prevented by a variety of other reasonable and unavoidable circumstances. Sleep facilities should manage these conditions in the best interest of the patient and in a way that promotes high quality care. It is the recommendation of the AASM that a sleep center should include in its policies a description of any circumstances that prevent patient consultations.

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