The New Era of AASM Accreditation

Our Service-Based Accreditation Model

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is proud to unveil a service-based accreditation model and updated Standards for Accreditation, effective January 1, 2025. This transformation is designed to meet the evolving needs of sleep medicine practices and innovations in technology, providing greater flexibility and value.

Discover the Benefits of the Service-Based Model

Our accreditation framework simplifies and enhances the accreditation process, allowing you to tailor your accreditation to fit your specific practice model. Here’s what you can expect:

Service-Based Flexibility

  • Modular Accreditation: Select individual services such as sleep clinics, in-lab testing, home sleep apnea testing (HSAT), and durable medical equipment (DME) to build your unique accreditation network.
  • Mix and Match: Add, remove, or modify services within your network to adapt to changing needs while ensuring compliance with accreditation standards.

Realigned Standards for Efficiency

  • Network-Level Standards: Streamlined quality assurance and inter-scorer reliability programs reduce redundancy, allowing for a more efficient accreditation process across multiple locations.
  • Simplified Responsibilities: Network directors and site directors can now manage responsibilities more effectively with clearly defined roles and expectations.

Streamlined and Transparent Fees

  • Flat Fee Structure: Enjoy a straightforward fee structure with a flat rate for each service, eliminating the previous distinction between new and reaccreditation fees.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our 5-year accreditation term remains the best long-term value in the industry.

Your Accreditation, Your Choices

You Spoke, We Listened

We’ve crafted this model based on valuable feedback from our members and accredited programs. This service-based model minimizes redundancy and provides the flexibility to reflect shared relationships between programs and services. It’s designed to help your practice thrive in a competitive environment.

Streamlined Network Features

  • Flat Fee Structure: Enjoy a simplified, transparent fee structure.
  • Service Discounts: Take advantage of discounts for complete patient care services and volume-based pricing, making accreditation more affordable.
  • Network-Wide Compliance: Sleep ISR will now track inter-scorer reliability across your entire network, simplifying compliance and ensuring equitable pricing based on user needs.
  • Simplified User Management: Even if a user works at multiple locations within a network, you only assign one “seat” within your network subscription.
  • Unified Membership: Transition from facility membership to network membership, ensuring all services within a network access valuable benefits such as discounts, free job ads, and priority directory listings.
  • New Benefits: Enjoy exciting new benefits which will be announced later this summer.
  • Updated Standards and Guidelines: Access the latest Standards for Accreditation and At-a-Glance resources, ensuring your practice stays informed and compliant.
  • Detailed FAQs and Support: Our extensive FAQ section addresses common questions, providing clear guidance and support throughout the transition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the field of sleep medicine, we are seeing a trend where larger hospitals and physician groups are managing multiple clinics and labs, creating complex health systems. At the same time, smaller sleep practices are using technology to expand their reach without relying on physical infrastructure as much. This has led to the emergence of diverse practice models.

To adapt to this evolving landscape, the AASM is adjusting its accreditation program to accommodate a wider range of practice models within the field of sleep medicine. These changes streamline the accreditation process by allowing facilities to customize their accreditation to meet their specific practice model requirements.  

We use the framework when applying for accreditation because a sleep program can offer various services. For example, a Sleep Clinic may provide clinical services (patient management) and diagnostic services (in-lab testing and home testing). Additionally, a program may offer DME services. Our new model groups these associated services under an Accreditation Network. The Accreditation Network can then add more individual services as needed, as long as the minimum program type requirements are met. 

The changes to the new accreditation model were based on feedback from payors, members, and our accredited programs. These adjustments simplify fees, provide flexibility to add services as needed and improve the accreditation experience by allowing compliance data for staff and policies to be easily shared across the network.

Accreditation Networks, which consist of a single accredited program, will have the flexibility to add additional services easily. Networks with multiple accredited programs will undergo an improved accreditation process tailored to meet their needs

Stay Informed and Get Ready

Resources at Your Fingertips

Important Dates

  • Compliance Deadline: Ensure all programs meet the new standards by January 1, 2026.

Get Started Today

AASM accreditation is now more adaptable, transparent, and aligned with the needs of modern sleep practices. Embrace the future of sleep medicine with the new AASM accreditation model—built to serve you!

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